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++:: Welcome to Twilight's Requiem ::++

Deep inside the town's underground mines, there lies a large quality of jewels that glows through out centuries. There are two large jewels, Angelic and Demonic. Two high ranking creatures reside inside the jewels that are hidden in the Underground mines: Flauros and Seraphim. These creatures' powers are what's fueling the jewel shards and helping the jewels to exhibit their powers through the jewel summoners which are from the four families. However due to a belief of the older generation members who formed a cult called the Order.

The Mother of the Hiroshimas realized that her husband had fail the 21 Sacraments so she decided to perform the actual ritual where she must sacrifice her daughter to be the carrier of the new 'God'. The ritual had failed because in the middle of the ritual before the mother could even burn her daughter alive, she was stopped by her eldest son who was in turn turned into a creature of the Otherworld called the Valtiel because he had used all of his jewel power to protect his sister from the ritual. His subconscious mind is slumbering deep in his mind. The mother was ultimately killed by the eldest son in defense of the sister. The incompletion of the ritual plunge the town of Twilight's Requiem into a curse where the Otherworld and Fog World coexists with the Real World at a specific time of the day: Twilight.

Bailey and her new Order are roaming freely in the town of Twilight's Requiem. The visitors enters the town will feel the effects of the curse. However the residents who live in the town learned a trick: If you lock all doors and windows before the Twilight mark, you were safe in the building if you have never touched the cursed realms.

The innocent people that gotten trapped in this town's curse are either walking or driving to the town for their own personal reason or business reason. They have entered the town limits to see the sign that is gray blue with golden letters that says, "Welcome to Twilight's Requiem". There are lights that lit up the sign during the night time and Fog World period. You enter the town during the twilight period, which means they have set your foot on the Cursed realm. You are to survive the cursed realms. The choice is theirs:

Are they one of the 'Insanes' and will torture people or capture people and subject them to the Order Members' tortures?


Are they one of the 'Sanes' that is trying to survive the dimensions and get out of the town before your life is claimed...
trying to find the truth about the town's secrets and free it from the curse?


Welcome to Twilight's Requiem, an RP group inspired by the game and movie series of Silent Hill and Saw where the members are able to create their own stories and develop their characters in the setting of an alternative realms that exists in a town of the country, Dawn Romance. The group aims to be a laid back but enjoyable group and at the same time help artists improve on their skills, share their creativity, socialize, forge relationships, and role play. If you wish to apply, kindly read all journals before filling up the application sheet. Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask them through group notes. Please also read the FAQ to find out more about the group.

We are currently at our first official run, and we are bound to make some mistakes, but we learn! Hope you bear with us for the meantime, and thank you for showing interest!


If you have any questions whose answers have not been provided in the links, please note the group.



Hello there! taoretaihai speaking!

:new: 11/10/2013: ALRIGHT! People! GET YOUR APPLICATIONS READY! Why? Because Twilights-Requiem WILL be opening PRETTY soon! Right now our mods are getting theirs done and we're getting our film but we're ready to ROCK N' ROLL!

I would like to proudly announce that Twilights-Requiem is ready for its story in 2014. We will be hosting openings in December and it will be the whole month of December 2013. We have 10 slots open for Insane and Sane people AND 4 slots open for Former Order and The Order. So everyone is free to join and have a blast!

The mods and I will be MORE than happy to do application checks and give you feedbacks. When you are working on the backstories for your characters and they're new characters (meaning that they were not survivors of the previous Fallen Tears wars), please write why is the side that you're attempting to join APPEALS to them? What drew them to that side? To get an application check, skype me your applications or comment on the page or here with a link to your application or Note us with your applications! Looking forward to help you guys!

We will be submitting the Leading characters and the mods' characters applications up soon along with a promo trailer for this group. But the story is ready to unleash hell on innocent lives in the town of Twilight's Requiem.

Hope to see you interested people in the opening this year and I will keep you all updated on Twilight's Requiem. The story's back and way more epic than before. With new faces and old.

How to Join: Read this! twilights-requiem.deviantart.c…

Thank you and hope to see you at the openings!
taoretaihai out~
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:iconstalkingplz: since Aniki is here-- gonna stalk you guys for awhile-- //SHOT// and join if i ever can-- //falls of cliff
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xD lol well you can join during the mini opening we're having on 10/20 to 10/26.
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Can i still join??
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We're currently almost done with the revamp which will make this group ten times better and even more active with actual active mods for the story~ hope to see you there when we open officially!
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